Special NZ Website launched!

Yes, to really get into the spirit of New Zealand, our team launched a brand new website for Genius Shortcuts.

Also, have a look at the dates, because we have moved dates and places of some events! Yes, we are going great. Thank you!

Genius Shortcuts - Team - New ZealandSome people ask me, do you do this all by yourself? No, of course not. Here’s an overview of my team. Meet the ladies : Naadia Jackson-Amiga, Anne Gervai and Sheri Greenwell.

So, we are getting ready for some great timesavings and lifesavers in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Are you?

What are others saying about me?

“Based on 3 years of close collaboration, I would describe Bert Verdonck as an outstanding trainer with great empathy and integrity. I credit Bert with giving memorable workshops and valuable trainings with lasting impressions and high feedback scores of above 90%. Being consistently attentive, Bert is always connecting with his audience in a very interactive way.

– Yves Miserez, Director & Trainer, Optima Facto – [More references]

Check out the New Zealand Genius Shortcuts website and enroll for the events. If you can’t make it to the events, then enjoy one of our free webinars. And if you can make it to our events, that’s even better. You are also invited to join us on the free webinars. Enroll now!

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

Have fun, always,


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