After my extraordinary experiences at the PSA Holland convention, I decided to enroll for the NSA Convention in Orlando, Florida (a.k.a. #nsa10 on Twitter). That’s where you’ll find me in the coming days! The official program is from the 17th – 20th July, but as you might expect there are pre-convention events and also post-convention things to do…

So,what are my goals of participating at the NSA Annual Convention? I have 3 things in mind: inspiration, networking & visibility.

Inspiration: The NSA Annual Convention is, as I am told, a place where the best speakers in the world meet. If you want to be on stage, you must be a topnotch speaker with a proven track record. So, I’ll be in the right place to meet several of those experts and role models! I am looking forward to be massively inspired by them! Of course, I’ll keep you posted!

Networking: as you know, I am working together with Jan Vermeiren, the Networking Coach. He’s a frequent participant at this NSA Convention and knows his way around. I am the more extravert one and get connected to people quite easily. Conclusion: two professional networkers at play 🙂

Visibility: As you know, I made quite an entrance at the PSA by winning their “Elevator Pitch Contest“. And I am (secretely) looking for another Genius Shortcut to get major visibility at the NSA Convention too 🙂 OK, because it’s just between you and me : I’ll be wearing my famous green/red shirts. I wonder how long it will take people to notice me 🙂

And of course, I am also looking to have a fun time! As always…

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