About Bert Verdonck

Bert Verdonck

Bert Verdonck

BERT VERDONCK is an outstanding coach, lifehacker and a creative mind. I also contribute by connecting people, giving keynote speeches, writing blogs and sharing knowledge.

My 50 keywords

Create, Connect, Contribute, Tonia, Networker, Creator, Entrepreneur, Fun, Ideas, Problem Solver, Resourcefulness, Building Relationships, Life Hacking, Partnership, Public Speaking, Connector, Empathy, Fast thinking, Commitment, Energy, Sharing, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Respect, Trust, Internet, Business Development, Integrity, Whales, Dreams, Sea, Travel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Movies, Reading, Sailing, Golf, Yoga, Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Spiritual, Health, Food, Drinks, Financial Independence, Giving.

My Motto

Enjoy Every Day!

My values

Creativity, Freedom, Love/Affection/Friendship, Pleasure/Fun, Honesty, Passion/Perseverance

I am offering

  • Genius Shortcuts (Lifehacking) seminars, public speaking, trainings, tips & tricks
  • Business contacts in various industries (focus Belgium, the Netherlands and India)
  • Expertise in professional networking
  • Expertise in online technologies & social media (certified LinkedIn trainer)
  • How to do business in Belgium, the Netherlands and India ? Outsourcing/Insourcing?
  • Extremely good at solving problems
  • Exceptional creativity
  • Fastthinker and chameleon, I can get along with (almost) everybody in an organization

Contact (new address from the 1st of July 2010 !)

Bert Verdonck

Kloosterstraat 118

B-2660 Hoboken, Antwerp, Belgium

T: +32 3226 0000

E: info@bertverdonck.com

W: www.bertverdonck.com

B: http://blog.bertverdonck.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/bertverdonck

Audio: How to shorten your working day by 2 hours

Book: Your Book in 100 Days


“Life is too short, eat the chocolate first!”, Bert Verdonck

2 Responses

  1. Recently attended Tony Robbins UPW (Toronto) and enrolled for Mastery University. As part of this I just started the 90 days coaching program. I want to change my social surroundings (i.e. presently circulating in the wrong social circles), do you have any suggestions.

    P.S. Ben zelf afkomstig uit Edegem en thans woonachtig in Wilrijk.

  2. […] Neem elke dag een andere route naar je werk en naar huis, hou dit een maand vol en ontdek hoeveel mogelijkheden er zijn. Je zult merken dat je geest zich door deze nieuwe routine ook anders gaat gedragen in organisatievraagstukken. (Tip van lifehacker Bert Verdonck). […]

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