Wealth Garden

The Wealth Garden – Catching Butterflies without a Net – is a very inspiring book! Based on the ancient wisdom of the Chinese classic text the I Ching, Wealth Dynamics is a profiling system that shows how each of us can tap into our unique path to value and wealth creation. In this collection of insightful, real-world accounts of the power of Wealth Dynamics, entrepreneurs from five continents empower you to attract lasting wealth.The Wealth Garden Book Cover

The Wealth Garden is written by 34 entrepreneurs. Some names probably sound familiar : Mike Southon, Mike Handcock, Dr. Joanna Martin, Petrus Carstens, Gina Lazenby, Sheri Greenwell, Melinda Woolf, Dave Rogers and Bert Verdonck 🙂

If you want to grasp the full value of the Wealth Garden , you will find that the authors reveal:

  • How to build dynamic, balanced teams that get results
  • The perfect time to launch a new venture or product
  • How to draw people, resources and money to your project
  • The key to choosing profitable investment opportunities
  • How to influence positive change through entrepreneurship

Even if you are not familiar with Wealth Dynamics, the Wealth Garden provides you with easy-to-understand lessons in life, examples of achieving goals and moments of reflection.

Here are a couple of quotes in the Wealth Garden that I personally find insightful:

“At the end of the day, real wealth isn’t about our technology. It isn’t even about our skills. It’s about recognizing that there’s a smarter way to go about this whole game.”

“it is very easy to underestimate what we’re good at, since what we’re good at comes so easily. The first step on the path of least resistance is to fully understand what it is you’re good at. The next step on the path of least resistance is learning how to capitalize on what you’re naturally good at.”

“Being extremely efficient or competent at something doesn’t mean you’re in flow.”

“Be true to yourself, do more of what YOU love.”

If you are not so keen on paper books, the Wealth Garden also comes as a multimedia book. It includes audio and video from the authors! Order it online now!

Since it’s holiday season, I am giving away my chapter for free! Get it here. Make sure you mention my name in the “How you heard about us”-box. Thanks!

Have fun and enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck

New Address!

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New address from now on:

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Our phone number stays the same : +32 3226 0000

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web: bertverdonck.com

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After my extraordinary experiences at the PSA Holland convention, I decided to enroll for the NSA Convention in Orlando, Florida (a.k.a. #nsa10 on Twitter). That’s where you’ll find me in the coming days! The official program is from the 17th – 20th July, but as you might expect there are pre-convention events and also post-convention things to do…

So,what are my goals of participating at the NSA Annual Convention? I have 3 things in mind: inspiration, networking & visibility.

Inspiration: The NSA Annual Convention is, as I am told, a place where the best speakers in the world meet. If you want to be on stage, you must be a topnotch speaker with a proven track record. So, I’ll be in the right place to meet several of those experts and role models! I am looking forward to be massively inspired by them! Of course, I’ll keep you posted!

Networking: as you know, I am working together with Jan Vermeiren, the Networking Coach. He’s a frequent participant at this NSA Convention and knows his way around. I am the more extravert one and get connected to people quite easily. Conclusion: two professional networkers at play 🙂

Visibility: As you know, I made quite an entrance at the PSA by winning their “Elevator Pitch Contest“. And I am (secretely) looking for another Genius Shortcut to get major visibility at the NSA Convention too 🙂 OK, because it’s just between you and me : I’ll be wearing my famous green/red shirts. I wonder how long it will take people to notice me 🙂

And of course, I am also looking to have a fun time! As always…

Your Book in 100 Days

You can write your book in 100 days!

With the right mindset, motivation, guidance and determination to succeed, you will write an excellent book that will help you achieve your goals. “Your Book in 100 Days” is a practical and friendly book and it shows you how to tap into the power of your mind and bring your best ideas to life. You will write your book in much less time than average first-time authors take, and you will have more fun doing it!You will discover the answers to the big questions, such as

  • What is your dream, for your life as well as your book?
  • Who will benefit most from reading your book?
  • How can you structure the book in the best way for your reader?

Follow the advice of two authors who have helped hundreds of people create their books and see your book come to life in just 100 days!

About 1.5 years ago, I wrote a blog on how to publish a book in 1 month (in Dutch, on Lifehacking.nl). When I met Mindy at a Blackstarevent (Ecademy), we talked about the possibilities on setting up a partnership by writing a book together. As a bookmidwife, Mindy specializes in delivering people’s books. For me as a lifehacker and life coach,  I am helping people to get clarity on what it is they want to achieve in life (and whether a book fits into that :-) ). On top of that, I suggest different tools and exercises to actually achieve these dreams in less time. So, it was a natural fit for the two of us to create this book. After all, we are two coaches who both believe passionately that if people want to do things in life, they should find a way to do them and they can do them quickly and easily. Did you know that 83% of people interviewed said they dreamed of writing their own book? The problem is that most people never even start, much less finish their book…

So, if you have “a book” in you, it is time to think about how you’d start writing it. Buy this book now at AmazonEcademy Press ordirectly through us and start reading first. Have fun with the exercises and create your own book. We want to hear you shout when your book is in print and we want you to see you reaping all the benefits that a good book can give you!

PSA Holland Convention

PSA Holland, the Professional Speakers Association, is organizing their 3rd annual convention in Noordwijk (the Netherlands). Bert joined this organization a couple of days ago and managed to get on stage at the first day of the conference! And the great thing is, he won the Elevator Pitch contest too! Most speakers are always looking for an audience, right? How much effort does it take to get in front of your target audience? It took Bert less than 3 days to perform on stage for all participants. Another Genius Shortcut 🙂


In het kader van Unizo’s Ondernemerscoach geeft Bert op 19 januari een sessie over Genius Shortcuts. Ondernemerscoach is een uniek programma waarbij ondernemers via ervaringsuitwisseling, kennisoverdracht en handige tools hun kansen op slagen aanzienlijk verbeteren.

Genius Shortcuts in Antwerpen

Opnieuw een open Genius Shortcuts workshop op 8 december in Antwerpen!

Wat zou jij doen met 2 uur/dag extra?

Ontdek hoe het inzetten van slimme tools, variërend van het automatisch verzamelen en ordenen van je dagelijkse informatie tot het supersnel doornemen van honderden websites, meer tijd voor je creëren én ook meer resultaten.

Geniet nu van de exclusieve “Genius Shortcuts” training met Bert Verdonck, georganiseerd door Global Edutainment, de Smartreading experts. Deze éénmalige cursus gaat door op 8 december in Antwerpen. Meer info en inschrijvingen.