Genius Shortcuts

Bert Verdonck is an outstanding coach, extraordinary lifehacker and a creative mind. He also contributes by connecting people, writing blogs, giving lectures and sharing knowledge. He lives up to his own vision : Enjoy every day!

For Bert Verdonck lifehacking is spicy mix of time management, knowledge management, networking and accelerated personal development. To get a great taste of lifehacking, look at it as a bit of Web 2.0, combined with a drop of MacGyver and seasoned with a flavour of fun 🙂 As great cooks do, they develop their own taste. So, Bert created Genius Shortcuts as his brand of lifehacking.

Genius Shortcuts are providing you smart ways of doing things the easy way. Bert Verdonck found a way to combine extreme efficiencies with fun. They sometimes look impossible at first, but thanks to some secret shortcuts they solve a lot of your frustrations. Why make it difficult if you can take it easy, right?

Lifehacking originates back to 1994, when Danny O’Brien, a journalist first mentions it during a presentation to a number of geeks. His first use of lifehacking is about geeks who are using little smart applications to automate routine jobs or to simply make it a little bit easier to work. Examples are shell scripts and batch files.

Some other people started to use this term, like Merlin Mann (founder of And Gina Trapani, editor of, a very interesting website on lifehacking.

Let me give your some examples of Genius Shortcuts:

Bert Verdonck is a public speaker on Genius Shortcuts. Next to that, he also organises workshops, seminars and trainings. He also writes blogs and hosts a radio show (The Lifehacking Show, the easiest way of life!).

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  2. Bert
    Small typo in Genius……

    View 200 picture (pictures) in 20 seconds!


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