Keynotes & Seminars

Keynotes & Seminars Overview

Select from 3 Genius Shortcuts seminars and workshops.

A TASTE OF GENIUS – the 2 hour seminar
SIMPLY GENIUS – the 4 hour seminar
ART OF GENIUS – the full day workshop

OR get a taste of one of Bert’s keynotes:

SMART IN BUSINESS, FUN IN LIFE! – a 1 hour keynote speech

Ask Bert for a session fully adapted to your needs : or by telephone: +32 3226 0000


LinkedIn Certified Trainer

If you are looking for Bert’s keynotes, workshops or trainings regarding LinkedIn, networking or referrals, visit or by telephone: +32 3216 2747


Join Bert for this full day workshop guaranteed to save you at least 2 working hours a day! Take control of your time. Bert guarantees you’ll get back at least 2 hours of your working day just by implementing thetips, tricks and tools he’ll be coaching you how to use. Numbers are strictly limited for this workshop where you bring your PC or laptop and Bert works closely with each of you to install and teach you how to quickly and easily master a wealth of time-saving tools.

You will learn:
– What are Genius Shortcuts?
– The latest search strategies to find anything on the Internet.
– How to change the way you work and make it easy.
– The smarter way to organise folders, less is more!
– Outlook Paradise (just this Genius Shortcut alone will save you significant time!).
– Organising meetings? Eliminate countless calls or emails to schedule and reschedule again and again.
– The simple, smart way to manage your ‘to do’ list.
– The best time-saving shortcuts for MSOffice Word, Excel and Powerpoint.
– and even more unique Genius Shortcuts!

Book Bert now for this event at your organisation: or by telephone: +32 3226 0000

Ask Bert about his customization options for your target audience! He already delivered specific sessions for a sales audience, or marketing, finance, HR, office managers…


Join Bert for this half day (4 hour) seminar guaranteed to save you 1 working hour a day! Smart, easy ways to take the headache out of daily technology nightmares and fast-track your working day, saving you time and money.

You will learn:
– What are Genius Shortcuts?
– Take care of 100 emails in 1 hour.
– Discover how to easily exchange even very large files (even >1Gb!).
– How to stay on top of 300 websites in 30 minutes.
– No more bad dreams about your computer crashing, easy daily backups without doing anything!
– Fix images with the wrong format or dimensions, without Photoshop or any other complex designer program.
– How to quickly change any file format.

Book Bert now for this event at your organisation: or by telephone: +32 3226 0000

Jamie Roy, Social Media Expert, Alexandra, New Zealand


Join Bert for this 2 hour seminar teaching you simple, easy-to-use tips, tricks and tools to start taking control of your time.

Join the thousands across the UK, mainland Europe and New Zealand who are saving time and money with Genius Shortcuts.
You will learn:
– What are Genius Shortcuts?
– How can you gain 2 hours a day?
– Discover Outlook Paradise
– Learn how to write 100 emails in 1 hour

Book Bert now for this event at your organisation: or by telephone: +32 3226 0000


Keynote speech about what is really important to our (professional) life and how we can achieve everything we dream of through Genius Shortcuts and other practical “life-savers”.

Find out more about Bert, sign up for your free ecourse or check out what others are saying about Genius Shortcuts.


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