Life Coach

According to Wikipedia, Coaching can be defined comprehensively as “a structured process-driven relationship between a trained professional coach and an individual or team which includes: assessment, examining values and motivation, setting measurable goals, defining focused action plans and using validated behavioural change tools and techniques to assist them to develop competencies and remove blocks to achieve valuable and sustainable changes in their professional and personal life.”

Why do I call myself a Life Coach?

I am helping individuals and teams with their bigger purpose in life : Why? Why are you here? Why are you in business? What is your vision/mission? What do you want to achieve in this life? What is your legacy?

My coaching activity is mainly based on the Create, Connect & Contribute -programme, that I have developed from my own experience and from being trained by the best masters and mentors. Before becoming a coach I transformed myself completely. People saw how I had changed and asked me how I achieved this turnaround. So, I decided to help some friends first by coaching them to go through the same process I went. With outstanding results I was propelled forward by them. They introduced me to their friends, colleagues and network. From helping individuals, I also moved into helping entrepreneurs and their management teams.

I am an expert in getting things started and I am your wakeup call 🙂 My life coaching programme is designed for boosting your legacy. With Create, I help you to get clarity on your dreams and finding your bigger purpose in life. This phase is about assessing your current life, exploring your values, creating a fulfilling vision and mission and showing you the possibilities every person has, even you!

The second phase is Connect. Here, we are focusing on getting in line with your bigger purpose. I connect you with it. On top of that, I am introducing you to people in my network, who could help you as a teacher, supplier or potential customer. The goal here is to really start living the life of your dreams!

Contribute is about adding even more value by teaching you particular skills and shortcuts that are increasing the speed to achieve your goals. I am using my lifehacking experience to accelerate you to the speed of light! If you need to read 20 books to get the necessary knowledge, I’ll teach you how to read 3 times faster (in just 15 minutes!). If you need to communicate a lot through email, I’ll show you a way to write 100 emails in 1 hour. If you need to stay on top of what’s happening in your industry or world, I help you setup a shortcut to absorb the finetuned content of 300 websites of your choice in just 30 minutes daily.

My approach differs a lot from traditional coaching, but I am confident in reaching YOUR goals faster by doing it my way! So, if you are interested in how I might help you, just drop me a note.

Enjoy every day,

Bert Verdonck
Lifehacker & Life Coach

One Response

  1. Hello Bert,
    I have been in the Entertainment Industry for over 30 years as a Performer and recently started my own Production Company. I am not succeeding as well as I think I should be at this point. I am highly Creative and Knowledgeable but not making the right connections to make things happen.

    The website I posted is for a new Global Project that I am trying to get help producing. I don’t expect something for nothing but I am at a loss for which way to turn. Any help that you could offer would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time & energy,

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